Friday, August 3, 2012

Are we so alone?

It's September 2003. The Hubble Space Telescope is pointed at a particularly dark region of space near the constellation Orion. It takes four months for the telescope to capture enough photons to make a usable image of this unusually dark region of sky. The orbiting telescope is the photons' final destination on a 13,000,000,000 year journey. When those photons left their individual sources, our galaxy, the Milky Way, was just beginning to form. Our own star, the Sun, and home planet, Earth, were about 8,500,000,000 years away from formation.
It is hard for us to fathom numbers so large or distances so great. The speed of light in a vacuum is 186,282 miles per second. At that speed, it takes just over eight minutes for light leaving the sun to reach earth. Some of you may have a car with mileage near the 186,000 mark. Imagine racking up that mileage in one second. In just over eight minutes you could rack up somewhere around 93 million miles on your car if it could travel at the speed of light. As of 2010 the world record holding car for mileage had nearly 3 million miles on it. That car was purchased in 1966. At that rate it would take another 1,320 years to reach the 93 million-mile mark. Light is fast. 13 billion light years is an unimaginably far distance. If light can travel 93 million miles in eight minutes, imagine how far it could travel in 13 billion years.
Now let's think about something small. The area of the sky that the Hubble Space Telescope photographed was 1/13,000,000th of the total area of sky. Imagine trying to view the night sky through a straw held at arm's length and you might get some idea of the area of sky photographed. This small area of the sky near the constellation Orion was chosen as a target because of how dark this region is. With most telescopes the only thing that shows up here is the blackness of space. Understand that the image captured is not unique to this area of the sky. A similar image could have been captured if the telescope had been pointed anywhere else in the sky, provided the light pollution from our own galaxy was not blocking the view. So what did the HST see?

Galaxies. Lots and lots of galaxies. Here is a link to a larger image on Wikipedia:

*note that you can click on the picture to make it larger, and you should!

Before you dismiss this picture as an interesting curiosity I hope you take a couple of moments to ponder what is actually pictured here. Our own galaxy, the Milky Way, an ordinary barred spiral galaxy, is somewhere around 100,000 light years across. That means that light takes about 100,000 years to cross the diameter of our galaxy. Our galaxy contains somewhere between 100,000,000,000 and 400,000,000,000 stars, of which, the Sun is only one average yellow dwarf star. Our galactic neighbor, the Andromeda galaxy, is roughly 220,000 light years in diameter and may contain up to 1,000,000,000,000 stars.
It is at this point that I have to stop and wonder. Are we really alone? Do we inhabit the only planet in the entire universe that harbors life? Looking at the Hubble Ultra Deep Field image above, I personally would have to answer, "probably not."
The Hubble Ultra Deep Field image is estimated to contain somewhere around 10,000 galaxies. When you stop and think that within any 1/13,000,000th of the area of the sky you are likely to find somewhere around 10,000 galaxies, a profound sense of smallness should begin to well up within you. We inhabit one planet, orbiting one star, out of a few hundred billion stars, in one galaxy, in a universe that contains hundreds of billions, if not trillions, if not infinite galaxies.
Who are we to stomp our feet and declare that we are unique? We haven't even made it to Mars yet.
The Earth is full of people who will tell you what to believe about God, about religion, about everything. But, when you look at a photograph like this one, all of that noisy chatter seems to melt away. Looking at this picture gives me hope. It also strips away any religious pride I might have. We have only scratched the surface of who or what God truly is.
I was raised to believe that we are the only "people" God has ever created. But that seems like such a narrow interpretation of the Bible now. How many other stars, in our own galaxy or others, have planets orbiting stars with advanced life forms declaring that they are only living thing in the Universe, that God loves them above all else? It just seems silly when you look at a picture like this. Surely civilizations rise and fall across our own galaxy. Surely every galaxy in this picture supports some form of life, or many.
If you do not personally believe this to be so, you are welcome to your opinion. In fact, there is not yet one shred of evidence that life does, in fact, exist outside of this tiny planet called Earth. But let me make one thing clear. If we are alone, then we are so utterly alone, to a point that we have a loneliness that is without remedy for all time. And for those who would stand up and say that we are not alone because we have God, I would ask a simple question. Why would God create such a grand universe, that exist at such a scale it can scarcely be comprehended, and yet, only place life on one small rock so insignificant that it barely registers even at the scale of our own solar system, let alone the scale of our galaxy or universe?
It is easy to pretend that other populated worlds do not exist. There are only a few thousand stars visible in the night sky. And in populated areas, where the majority of the world's population lives, the number of visible stars probably ranges from a few hundred to twenty or so. It is no wonder then that our thoughts rarely turn to what lies beyond our own atmosphere. Prior to a hundred years or so ago, when our skies were not clouded with light pollution, the stars were visible to all. Yet, our technology was not so advanced as it is now. Long ago, when people looked at the heavens they wondered what those tiny points of lights were. Now we know. They are stars, like our own star, the Sun. It was only about a hundred years ago that we realized our galaxy is not the only galaxy. There are countless others. We know that now. Knowledge advances.
Is there any reason why we should not advance as well?
I am confident that one day our technology will advance to the point where we can finally answer the question of whether or not we are alone in the universe. When that question is answered, it will answer a fundamental part of the question of who we ourselves are.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sim Updates 072312

This weekend I assembled and painted plastic project boxes for Noah's spaceship. Here are the results:

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sim updates

Here are some spaceship simulator updates. I bought this off of ebay:

And here are switches and dials I bought from

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Infinite Universe

In my younger days, I used to argue that the universe could not possibly be infinite. I have changed my mind on this subject. I believe that the universe could certainly be (and probably is) infinite.
My old argument used to go something like this:
"Look at an atom, a baseball, a baseball stadium, a planet, a galaxy; all of these things have a finite length and width and depth. Any "thing" you can think of then must therefore have a finite length and width and depth. Even if it may be incredibly large, it is not infinite."
This may sound reasonable but it completely ignores the idea of what infinity is. Let's look at an infinite set of random numbers as an example. You can pull a set of 3 numbers from a random infinite set, for example, 371. 371 is a finite set of numbers but it is a part of an infinite set of numbers. Therefore it is possible, indeed necessary, for something that is infinite to be composed of finite parts. This is part of the simple beauty of infinity.
I believe that the universe can certainly be infinite and that which we can see, taste, and touch is only an individual part of an infinite whole.

*Stop reading here unless you want to experience mind = blown.*

I believe that it is possible to experience infinity but I am still working out how that happens. Obviously it involves experiencing infinity in individual parts as stated above. So, by this reasoning you can experience infinity but it will take an infinitely long time. Or will it? You can observe an infinite amount of points in a finite amount of time. You don't believe me? Look at a circle. Watch a tire on a car complete a rotation. That tire has an infinite set of points around it's circumference. But, if it has an infinite number of points that come in contact with the ground at some point during its rotation then how do ever observe the tire complete a rotation in a finite amount of time? Answer? I don't know. But we do. Anything you can think of could potentially be infinite. Draw a line on a piece of paper. Now divide that line in half. Now divide it in half again. Theoretically you could do this an infinite amount of times. Does this mean that you drew an infinite line? Nope, it's finite. Yet, infinity is contained within it. This leads me to a shocking, yet simple, conclusion. Everything contains infinity. Infinity contains everything.
Look at irrational numbers. The decimal places in irrational numbers are infinite sets of numbers. You could use a random number generator to generate finite sets of numbers. Now think about this; these random sets of numbers you have generated are already contained somewhere in pi or the square root of 2. You could generate infinite sets of finite numbers and this would still be true. Everything contains infinity. Infinity contains everything.
If you know a part, you can know the whole. The part contains the whole. The whole is made of the parts.
In this way I believe it is possible that reality is like a fractal.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

More modifications to Pioneer Space Simulator...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Many thanks to Marcel from the message boards. He created a star port in Gadsden, Alabama!

Here are some screen shots of how I have modified the Pioneer Space Simulator to make it more compatible with the simulator

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Spaceship Simulator

Here is the 5x8' enclosed trailer for Noah's spaceship!

Also, here is an old computer case that I may use for the center console of the simulator:

Saturday, May 12, 2012

for my wife on her first mother's day

a house that needs cleaning
a little boy crying
dirty dishes in the sink
these are the things that betray
the truth of the situation
the magic and the mystery
the mandate laid down before time itself

that our two lives should intertwine
that we would know love
by knowing each other
struggling with and against

at war while making peace
creating life while dying for a break
thank you for all you do
for our son
for our home
for our lives
but most of all
thank you for the fulfillment of a promise
made before time began
that we would find each other
that you would help shape the man i am
and by knowing you
i would know all that is good

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

who we are

we walk on a coalesced piece of the universe
we bathe in the light of nuclear fusion of hydrogen atoms
we are all things pulled apart
then assembled together in new ways
we are alive as asteroids, rocks, and dust are alive
we are made of the same substance
we are eternal and infinite as space itself
when the first light broke and filled the void we were there
only in a different form
when the last flame is extinguished
we will be there, in our final form
from beginning to end we have observed it all
all of our questions answered
save one

Friday, March 16, 2012

why i believe we live forever

the inspiration of a song
the faith of a child
the shade of a tree
the call of the stars
the warmth of an embrace
a lazy afternoon
a good book
great works of art
finger paintings

then it hit me

i dreamt we were standing in the light
we had conquered fear and banished night
and all our dreams were taking flight
then it hit me
i was naked, cold, and all alone
the hearts of gold were cold as stone
and these, the only friends i’d known
then it hit me
life is only made of dreams
nothing is ever as it seems
and all our longing, silent screams
then it hit me
hope is a prayer prayed in vain
we pull and tug against this chain
and for our efforts, only pain
then it hit me
i've felt a warmth out in the cold
a friendly voice, a hand to hold
like a spirit from the days of old
then it hit me
i wandered through the open doors
an azure ceiling with garden floors
to my surprise, that hand was yours
then it hit me
if your troubles become mine
we can banish night, make it shine
and all our longings will be divine
then it hit me


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

the lubbers maroon! (we’ll give ye no quarter)

oh mutinous and crew,
with rapier and scimitar
do prick the hearts of brothers.
above the tumult i hear the cries
“swab the deck in blood you dogs!”
while our ship aflame
does circle drain
inverted cannons light.
draw out ribbons red,
with blunderbuss do blow
a murderous tune
played on trumpets of death.
let their report be heard
“peace is nigh”
while dove is trampled under foot.
“let god’s will be done”
ye sing in song
loaded to the gunwales
with the grog of the poor,
“we have had our fill of their booty.”
oh derelict home,
she is starboard listing
heave ho our cargo of dogma.

black hole

i am drawn to you
try to pass you by
but i am bending
to your will
now falling
point of no return
all of you
crushing me
until i am one
with all you have absorbed

the crew

sail in alloy ships of silver
upon the endless black
ocean of infinity
that stretches on forever more
where entire worlds spin
and twirl about endlessly
entire horizons beheld
in a single view
for we are the
and the crew
and we long for ships
to cross the waters
and the cosmic waves
incessantly call to us
“come home”


i am overwhelmed
with peace
when i gaze up at
this cosmos
born of tumult
and violence.
who knows,
perhaps this
is our mission in life
to find love
amid our chaos
to refine our spirits
in the fires of life

human, rise above

rise above, be more
than just an african
be a human
rise above, be more
than just an asian
be a human
rise above, be more
than just a european
be a human
rise above, be more
than just an american
be a human
rise above, be more
than just a christian
be a human
rise above, be more
than just a muslim
be a human
rise above, be more
than just a hindu
be a human
rise above, be more
than just an atheist
be a human
rise above religion
and beliefs
and borders
and flags
and status
and anything that hinders
unconditional love
stand human, rise above

master of fire

i have looked into these flames
a million times
watched them dance and swirl
releasing the spirit of the wood
the embers burn down low
waves of orange bending and swirling
in rhythm with my mind
countless bodies have I shed
lives lived and died
on a plain in Africa
snowy Asian mountains
European meadow
by the salty ocean
high on a bluff
and yet the fire remains
and i sit and watch it dance
as i have a million times
contemplating existence
and the eternity of the soul

consider war

have we considered the fact
that it may be a sin to
fund bombers for killing
people on the other side of the world
when we have children
who go to bed hungry
without medical care
or a chance to learn?
perhaps if our money
went to healing
and not killing
we would surely not be
in so much debt
as we are now.
for great is the debt we owe
to the souls of those who have
died in need within our own borders
while our killing machines
did their best abroad.
it is no sin to protect
those we love
or to defend the borders
of the land that sustains us.
but it is certainly a tragedy
to let our neighbor starve
so that we may kill
those who live abroad
because they do not share
our wholesome ideals.

stored potential

we have the power
to break the bonds
of gravity
and depravity
to soar among the stars
to thrive in places
we could never survive
to love
when it is beyond reason
to dream
we have this power
this potential
stored within us
release yourself
be bound no longer
let us not be beasts
of the earth
but children of the stars
born upon wings of faith
high and higher

finding consciousness in probability and actuality

I was reading an article at and I had some thoughts about time. For those who are interested the article can be found here:
Despite the author’s intro stating otherwise, I believe that a strong case could be made that the future is not set in stone. Rather, I believe, the future is made up of infinite probabilities. Some of the probabilities are very high, and others are very low. For example, if someone offers me a grilled cheese sandwich or a cheese burger for lunch and we assume that I have no preference for one over the other, then we can assume that there is 50% chance that either one of these lunches could become a reality for me. If I am driving down the road at 55mph on my way to lunch there is a 99.9999999% (made that number up) chance that my front driver-side tire will complete it’s next complete rotation. I could assume the possibility that there could be some catastrophic event that would prevent my tire from making it’s next full rotation but based upon all the full rotations in the past at 55mph I would say that chance is very low. Also, I could figure up the probabilities of my next heart beat or my next breath. There are also low probabilities on my drive to lunch. My car could spontaneously combust. I could spontaneously combust. Aliens could suck my car car up in a tractor beam. All of these are possibilities with a low probability.
So, if the future is made of probability then what is the past made of? Actuality. In the same way that a sub-atomic particle collapses from wave to particle form when it is observed or measured, so the present is collapsing the future probabilities into past actualities. This is interesting to me because at the quantum level it is difficult to observe and measure states of of sub-atomic particles with collapsing the waveform. Perhaps the two are related? If you look at the article I believe that certainly may be the case.
We seem to be constantly in the process of collapsing the universe from the quantum level, where the universe exists only as all probabilities, to the physical level, where everything has become an actuality. Could this be due to our conscious observation? Or does our physical body only allow our consciousness to experience this frame of reference where the collapse of the future and past come together? I’m not sure either way.
I can say that I would call the present, this steady collapse of probability into actuality, realization. This realization I believe cannot be broken down into the tiniest measurable amount of time but rather it is more like a steady stream cascading over a waterfall where we exist as a rock on the very cusp of the endless mad descent of water that we can never again experience.
Of course, I have no idea if any of this is the case. But, I do sometimes wonder if quantum mechanics and the wave function collapse are related to time. To me, and I could be wrong, the quantum world is like a holding a die (as in pair of dice) in your hand. Let’s say for example that it is a common six-sided die. There are six equal probabilities all existing at the same time. No one probability has any advantage over the other. But, if we try to measure the die in some way we are forcing it to roll. Suddenly the dice is leaving your hand. It falls, bouncing a few times as it tumbles over and over. Then, it suddenly comes to a stop. By trying to observe the die we have forced a probability to become an actuality. The table the die lands on is our plane of existence.
How is time any different than this? In the future there is only raw probability, or potential for what will, or at least, could happen. The past is more solid and unchangeable. Those probabilities (the past) have already been forced into actualities. But what is constantly forcing the raw potentials of the universe to collapse into finite (or perhaps infinite, I suppose) past events? I personally believe that the answer is consciousness.
Conscious observation is what collapses the waveform. Why can’t conscious observation be what is also collapsing the future into the past? If the universe was created with consciousness, or perhaps even by consciousness, then why can’t consciousness be what is realizing actuality from probability. Maybe, just maybe, when God said “Let there be light”, a chain of endless events was set in motion, an eternal observation of what could be into what is. Maybe we are part of the grandest experiment ever conceived. After all, when Moses asked God what his name was God’s answer was “I am”.

people i look up to

gentle as a whisper
solid as the earth
faith that never was blind
push against the currents
hold back the angry sea
love for people
love for nature
love for learning
never ceasing
stories to tell
till stories are no longer told

welcome spring

welcome to the fluffy yellow lion’s mane of the dandelion
welcome to the lively purple deadnettle
welcome to the henbit and the vast carpets of chickweed
welcome to the green fig leaves in the backyard
welcome to the rain that announces it’s entrance with a clap of thunder
welcome to the open door that lets the breeze stop by for a visit
welcome to refreshing
welcome to old things made new
we welcome you as the birds sing
welcome spring

for a few

cut funding for nasa
so that we may explore the stars
in spaceships with advertisements
do not explore
for the glory or the advancement
of all people
instead make a profit
for a few
plant the flag of a corporation
on some foreign world
replace our ladder to the stars
with the corporate ladder
reach up and pull yourself there
with a fist full of cash
and plenty of selfish ambition
exploration for the sake of learning
is for imbeciles
there is money to be made!
tourists to transport
asteroids to be mined
astral dumping grounds
for nuclear waste
do not waste the people’s taxes
on something so trivial
as the vast expanse of the universe
we have wars to fund after all


displacement of space
draws us together
alone is a tragedy
listless in the void
but we are not alone
slowly we drift toward each other
reaching out with unseen hands
to hold to what is dear
for all that we have is each other
an attraction that defies reason
a need that simply is
though we are apart
we will fall toward each other
in the end

the saurus

the odious creature stalked the anhydrous, effete plains
but this was not a commonplace bipedal creature
no, this beast was a vile denizen of the ignominious depths
conjured from beyond the diaphanous veil
that separates this world from the next
with elongated claws and execrable protruding cuspids
he ravaged the bucolic country side
and everywhere the iniquitous creature wandered
the people bewailed in consternation
“the saurus!”

Does matter exist?

It may seem like a ridiculous question to ask if matter exist since we seem to be surrounded by it and made of it. We all learned in school that matter is made up of atoms. Atoms, we learned, are made up of protons and neutrons orbited by electrons. The problem is that once we get in to the sub-atomic level we cross over from the straightforward world of physics into the confusing world of quantum mechanics. In the quantum world, a sub-atomic “particle” such as an electron can exhibit both wave and particle like properties. It doesn’t end there. Sub-atomic particles can be broken down into quarks which are found inside hadrons. It seems that the further you go into an atom the more “parts” you find. We tend to picture in our minds that you can continue breaking down matter into smaller and smaller parts until eventually, you end up with a particle that is so small it cannot be broken down any further. The problem is, that once you pass into the sub-atomic levels of creation, quantum mechanics shows that these “parts” can behave as waves. In the classical sense, waves are not matter, they are energy. It seems that what we think of as “matter” is actually a form of energy, or perhaps a combination of energy and fields (similar to magnetic fields) that repel or attract other organized units of energy. It brings to mind a small green teacher of mine who famously said, “Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.” Also, in the book of Genesis, God says, “Let there be light.” Perhaps all of creation really is “light” (energy). It is interesting to think that we are energy personified. We are made of energy, and we are conscious beings. If all of creation is made of energy and we are created of this energy then, in a sense, we are the universe looking back upon itself and pondering it’s own existence. But this existence may not “exist” in the physical sense that we traditionally understand it. One last interesting point to consider; at the quantum level, space and time break down and no longer make any real sense. At our most basic level, we exist separately from time and time space. Although our brains perceive a physical world and a linear time progression we are really, at our core, timeless, intelligent, and free-thinking waves of pure energy.

to be a tree

i think that i would like to be a tree
for a while
to grow unchallenged in a forest
to sink my feet deep into the fertile earth
to raise my hands in praise to the sky
for a hundred years i would stand motionless
swaying to the rhythms of the earth
and when my leaves fall for the final time
i will stand as a silent effigy to myself
as my peers look on
and remember the fine tree i was
yet they will not weep for me
nor would i desire them to
for one day a strong wind will come
my carcass will be toppled to the ground
and it will be a home for worms and beetles
friends one and all
i will slowly melt into the forest floor
and in that place will sprout
a fine young tree


a thin, sticky web of reason
stretched across my mind
to capture and to entertain
i will be your host for a while
i will wrap you in ponderance
while turning you over and over
all your sides revealed
and should i choose,
i will feed upon you
and you will become
a small part of me
and when my web is torn down
when the silver cord is broken
we will drift upon the breeze together
and know not where we shall land


as i have danced
upon the void
upon the black
as i have drifted
ages uncounted
as i have seen
from the beginning
to the end
then you will understand
my joy
my torment
my longing
i am shattered
shattered but not broken
never broken
for i have a will
freely given
free i wander
lifetime to lifetime
age to age

let there be

light waves bend and twist and turn
ebb and flow of radiation
pulsing energy
woven around an ethereal frame
create the physical from nothing
all is made of light and love

peace of winter

silence falls with the snow
as if the earth is waiting
breath held
to hear what will come next
waiting for the first trumpet call of spring
no call today
today the world is quiet
peace for the day
for night has faded away
the stars have stretched and yawned
extinguished their candles
one by one
they slumber
the sun climbs
higher and higher
into the sky
searching for travelers upon the road
the empty open road
curled comfortably
under a blanket of white
today the earth will rest
and night will come
as quickly as it left
and the world will wait
as the naked trees
stand in silent guard
for the ambitions of creation to thaw

open road

scoop me up
a child
in the arms of joy
a pilgrim lost
an adventurer
I have wandered far
too far
a simple dream of home
i do not remember you
only a memory of
a memory
is left
a feeling
a longing
did i leave
or was i sent
surely i was sent
though i admit
i loved the road
even now
i love the road
but i am lonely
as travelers are sure to be

wild onions

a buried treasure
green marks the spot
though the grass
is dead
brown with sadness
weeping and wishing
for the warmer days
of summer
but you are not like them
you do not lose hope
boldly your emerald stalks
shine as a beacon
year after year
season after season
your stubborn soul
has boldly flavored your heart
millions pass you by
kings in plastic chariots
riding to market
to purchase your inferior
and twisted cousin
fattened by those with fat wallets
but i choose you
for you are wild
and free
and also free
and your flavor
burns with passion
the passion of freedom and defiance


dream with your eyes open
do not waste your dreams
to slumber
sleeping in the land of living
and living in the land of slumber
release the inner power
of your mind
do not hold within
what should live without
though we may reach the stars
in our dreams
we will not reach the stars
unless we give our dreams
fly to the stars
not in slumber
but wide awake
for this is the power
that God has given us
it is wise to be content with what you have
but only a fool does not reach for something greater


love is the miracle
that broke the cold empty
sadness of non-existence
let there be light
let there be love
let hope shine like a beacon
a vast expanse
an empty ocean
a buoy bobbing in the distance
something to cling to
hold on to to life
though the empty waters
wash over
live in defiance
love in defiance
defying the
sadness of non-existence

trees whiz

the hum of the engine
drive-train turning tires
rubber meeting road
turning spinning
gravel flies grabbing gripping thrusting forward
home disappearing in the rear-view mirror
objects are further than they appear
time speeding by
life is a blur
a blurring of yellow lines
endless into the horizon
horizon, never reaching
heaven reaching down
the earth rises up to meet
the trees in between
trees whiz past
each one a magical conduit between earth and sky
each one a work of art greater than any have wrought
sailing past
falling victim to roads of indifference

waking in a tent

the golden mist of morning
marches against the
melancholy solitude
sparkle shine
against these canvas walls
walls erected in bold
defiance of nature
fall over my cloth castle
let the heat of your great siege engine
make my fortress most unpleasant
i will not be moved
these walls
will not be moved
(except by a slight breeze)
shake my fist at the morning
hide myself from the light
slither deeper into my cocoon
darkness found within
drifting back
welcome land of dreams
but curse you bladder
for you have betrayed me


open up and receive the wealth of nature
live like a king in a garden
sowing goodness and watering the spirit
walk like a god among the trees
learning and knowledge is yours
an animal may see the stars
but only you will wonder
wander far and wide
discover all that nature will reveal
be a priest of the air and water
let the land be your pews
a garden your pulpit
the mountains your steeple
preach the gospel of nature
its glory and splendor revealed
reach out to the lost
who would sell their souls for profit
who fell the trees to fuel their greed
show them the way of salvation
show them the healing
that only a garden can bring

lament for the day

setting sun
please don’t go
sinking on the horizon
my heart is longing
thoughts of the day
reflecting from the clouds
in hues of orange and pink
rays reaching out
grabbing the ends of the earth
holding the four corners
hold in vain
slipping away
tears falling like stars
scattering on the
blank page of the evening sky
one by one they appear
a steady stream
one by one
now a hundred at a time
the world is hushed
i pull the darkness up around me
like a blanket
lay my head in the earth
dream of a kiss wet with dew
kissed by the morning herself
draw your sun out of bed
i am yours

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the poor you will always have

oh to be a conservative
to preach the gospel of peace
while cutting funds
for the poor
let us join hands and pray
“thy kingdom come
but, dear God, don’t let it
be a welfare state”
give Ananias back his money
and be sure to silence
the beggar on the street
meanwhile, let us loudly proclaim
“those godless heathen liberals
want to spend, spend, spend
but, thank God Almighty
Jesus saves, Jesus saves!”