Sunday, January 22, 2012


i watched the autumn wind
blowing the leaves
as though the tree reached up
to shake the dead ones out of it’s hair
there were acorns there as well
glorious acorns
each one a perfect creation
i marveled at them
the acorns
and the leaves
at the trees
and the wind
and the cycles
the wheels
forever turning
the leaves
forever falling
piling at the base of the tree
enriching the ground
for the acorns that would follow
that would
and live
to be born again!
no one has ever seen
or heard of anything like it
before, or since
a cycle
a wheel that spins on a greater wheel
and turns other wheels altogether
the cycle of life
and death
which is only the flip side of life
and we will see both many times
as the wheels roll on and on
as another acorn falls to the ground


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