Friday, April 19, 2013

The Dark Demons of Extremism

We all suffer from bouts of extremism, some of us more often than others. This sickness is the result of being so near to an issue that it eclipses your view of the rest of the world. Most of us however, quickly recover from these temporary afflictions of ego. We can safely autocorrect ourselves back on the healthier path to a more open minded world view. But sometimes a person places themselves so close to an issue that they are sucked into it, like a star being ripped apart on the edge of a black hole. This is where an individual passes the point of no return. They unknowingly create their own event horizon. It is in that moment, when the boundary has been crossed that they have succumbed to the dark demons of extremism. These are the fallen angels of our own good intentions. We must slay these demons before our own ego allows them to manifest. If we do not, they will posses us and use our bodies for their own desires.

What is their desire? Violence. Violence against those who would show love and compassion to others. As we watch events unfold around let us recognize that some people are driven by extremism. Let us take a moment to reflect on our deeply held beliefs. Is there something inside of you that you would be willing to chose over showing love for another person? If so, you might want to take a step back and take a wider view. Don’t allow yourself to be sucked in too deep. Remember that the greatest thing you can do in life is love other people. Everything else passes away.

Monday, February 25, 2013

an enjoyable evening

i imagine death as a quiet evening gazing at the stars
labouring to breathe and lying in pain
my final breath is exhaled with my spirit
i can still hear those around me say
“what a shame”
the light fades to black as i marvel at how it is so easy to go
the last flicker of comprehension wavers like a candle flame
now i am only a smoldering ember
just as it was when the light first roared to life
as i am about to dismiss all that is me
a thousand tiny fires spring to life above me
i sit quietly for an eternity and ponder their meaning
after a short while the sun rises again
eternity is washed from view

beyond me

when i gaze into the reflection of a quiet pool i see the world beyond
though the cares of this world drag me down i still find relief
in the decaying leaves that i trod underfoot
for i am reminded of the infinite cycles of life and death
i take solace in the rays of sun that stream down through green leaves
it is comforting to know that nourishment comes from afar
we are adrift in an endless ocean of glittering black
and like a fowl that glides silently across the pond
our lives leave ripples that spread out slowly across all time
i will find comfort when winter comes for me
i will not waste away though the cold chills my bones
because i know that summer comes again
and the forest blooms once more


the rock's story

i am a rock on a cliff
overlooking a river
you glance at me then walk away
without hearing my story
so i will tell it now
though i doubt you would listen
i was born from the remains
of collapsed stars
a trail of interstellar dust
stretched thin by the tug of gravity
gravity, which won out in the end
and pulled me back together
swept up in the tide and piled
high until the Earth appeared
for eons i cooled and rested
until i lost my fiery glow
then i waited through heat and winter
crushing cycles of hot and cold
shaping me, breaking me
making me who i am
watching life spring forth
only to be beaten
then fight it’s way back again
slowly it takes root all around me
i may look old, and worn, and weathered
but i am still young
i watch trees sprout, grow, and die
all within a blink of an eye
i feel the moss crawl around me
in swirling eddies of tickling green
night and day are a blur to me
then you come along
and pay me no mind
but i will still be here
when you are dead and gone
watching over the cycles
that make me who i am
long ages will pass
i will watch the sun set on life
for the final time
then i will wait here
lonely, with my brothers
until the Sun expands and consumes me
i will glow once again
then with an explosion of light
my guts will be propelled back into the void
and i will wander among the stars
till at last the rocks
are gathered together again
and my story is told anew