Wednesday, March 7, 2012

the lubbers maroon! (we’ll give ye no quarter)

oh mutinous and crew,
with rapier and scimitar
do prick the hearts of brothers.
above the tumult i hear the cries
“swab the deck in blood you dogs!”
while our ship aflame
does circle drain
inverted cannons light.
draw out ribbons red,
with blunderbuss do blow
a murderous tune
played on trumpets of death.
let their report be heard
“peace is nigh”
while dove is trampled under foot.
“let god’s will be done”
ye sing in song
loaded to the gunwales
with the grog of the poor,
“we have had our fill of their booty.”
oh derelict home,
she is starboard listing
heave ho our cargo of dogma.

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