Friday, March 16, 2012

then it hit me

i dreamt we were standing in the light
we had conquered fear and banished night
and all our dreams were taking flight
then it hit me
i was naked, cold, and all alone
the hearts of gold were cold as stone
and these, the only friends i’d known
then it hit me
life is only made of dreams
nothing is ever as it seems
and all our longing, silent screams
then it hit me
hope is a prayer prayed in vain
we pull and tug against this chain
and for our efforts, only pain
then it hit me
i've felt a warmth out in the cold
a friendly voice, a hand to hold
like a spirit from the days of old
then it hit me
i wandered through the open doors
an azure ceiling with garden floors
to my surprise, that hand was yours
then it hit me
if your troubles become mine
we can banish night, make it shine
and all our longings will be divine
then it hit me


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