Sunday, January 22, 2012

a stranger’s prayer

this is my prayer
that when i die
in you i will find life
and in that life
i will fly
i will run
i will dance
i will sing
i will visit every planet
that circles every star
that swirls in every galaxy
that fills the expanse of the universe
i will watch every star rise
and watch every star set
on every alien world
i will know as my home
time will wind on and on
like an old twisted cord
securing my place in eternity
and when the lights dim and die
when the last star in the heavens
flickers like a flame
and is at last snuffed out
creation will collapse
falling in on itself
and then explode again
the fires will be rekindled
light will fill the heavens
i will be born again
a stranger on an alien world
i will call my home
and i will look to the stars
and see your glory
believe in you again
and i will fall in love

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