Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The All Knowing God

A man is dying. As his world fades to black it seems that all is lost and the end of his existence is near. Now he is dead. The velvety black of nothingness is all around. Yet, surprisingly, the man is still aware. This is shocking to the man because he was an atheist and a materialist.
"How is it then that 'I' am still aware?" the man asks himself.
As soon as he has asked the question, something enters his awareness. Suddenly there is a singular point of light far in the distance. Something seems favorable to nothing, so the man turns all of his awareness upon that light. As he does so, the light grows larger, or possibly draws nearer, the man isn't sure which. Soon the man is engulfed by the light. The light is the only thing the man is now aware of.
Much to the man's surprise, the light begins to communicate with him. The light does not communicate with words, but with instantaneous thoughts. Even more amazing is that the man feels overwhelming love coming from the light. It is a love that is complete and fills every part of the man's awareness. The man, now wrapped in overwhelming love, begins to think of questions and the answers come lightning fast, even before the question is even complete. The exchange is over in a mere instant. But, if we could write it out (an impossible task), it would look something like this:
"Am I dead?" asks the man.
"Yes" the light replies. "At least what you think of as your body has died, you are quite alive."
"Are you God?"
"I am known to many by that name. I am you. I am your neighbor. I am the woman you married. I am the kids you raised. I am the outcast you bullied. I am the dog from the shelter you adopted and cared for. I am the blade of grass in your yard. I am the flower in the field. I am the bird in the sky. I am the sum total of all life everywhere, in every universe, in every existence. I am."
"Why do you love me?" asks the man. "I never believed in you."
"I have already answered that question. I love you because you are me. Because I love myself, I love you also."
"What is my purpose?" asks the man.
"The same as it has always been, to go forth, to learn, to grow, to come back to me. To know what life is, as many times as it takes."
"I have been here before?" the man asks.
"Many, many times. Always. You have always been here. Always you return here to me. You have always been and you will always be. You will remember all of this soon. You have only forgotten."
"Why do such awful things happen in life? Things that are unfair? It's part of the reason I never believed in you."
"These things happen because you are still growing. Take heart though, you are getting better each time you go back. Last time you were there you killed a woman during a drunken argument."
"I killed someone in another life?"
"Yes. Many times."
"How many?"
"All of them."
"Like I've said, you've been back there many times and you have done many things. Don't despair though, you're getting better at it. You hurt many people in this last life but at least you didn't kill anyone."
"So, when I go back there will be no more killing or murder in the world?"
"No, I never said that. You are thinking in terms of timelines. There is no 'time'. When you go back you go back to another place on the wheel and must endure what is taking place at that point. It is all in your best interest, to help you learn and grow."
"So every person I have ever hurt was me hurting myself?"
"I suppose you could look at it in that simplified manner, yes. But don't be too hard on yourself. Like I said you are getting better. You didn't kill anyone in your last incarnation. It looks as though your killing days are at an end. You have learned that the trauma of taking another's life should not be greater than the desire to protect your ego. Now you can begin to understand life from the point of view of love. It will start slowly at first, but build over many incarnations."
"How do you know this?"
"Because it has already happened."
"What has happened?"
"Wait, I'm lost. So, you're saying I've already incarnated many times and discovered the secret of love and life and now I'm done?"
"No, I have, you still have more to do."
"More what to do?!?"
"I am the sum total of everything, all experiences, an infinite amount of experiences, experiences without end. Your experience becomes a part of me. Each time you come back here your experience integrates in with the rest. But all of this has already happened. You have only recently come back and so you are still somewhat enslaved to the idea of 'time'. You are still trying to put us into a timeline. But we don't fit. I am all timelines infinitely for all eternity. Eternity is not a 'long time'. It is a single solitary moment without end. All has happened within this moment. I am you and you are me but you are also only a tiny portion of me and so you are having trouble grasping all of me which is also all of you."
"So, I am only a part of you?"
"In a manner of speaking, yes."
"Like how much a part of you? Can you give me a fraction or something?"
"You are an infinitely small part of me, the smallest part possible. But the whole is contained within the part so you are very much me and I am very much you."
"So, I am telling myself this at the moment?"
"I suppose you could look at it in that simplified manner, yes."
"So... what is the end game? What is the answer to all of this?"
"I don't know yet. You have more incarnating to do."
"But you said I was finished... I mean... you were finished. Ugh, you know what I mean!"
"There is no end, there was never a beginning either. Yet, the infinity of all experience has happened within this moment and that is the "I" to which you now speak."
"So then what is the answer!?! The answer to everything!?!"
"We both already know, you have only forgotten."
"That's a good start. But love for what? Come on, you remember."
"Love for all."
"Love for all what?"
"Love for everything. Love for everything of all time for ever and ever without end!"
"Yes! And why?!?"
"Because to know is to love, because experience is knowledge of self, and knowing myself is pure love and bliss because I am all that is knowing, and I can see that I am infinite and beautiful and without end, for all time, for ever and ever!"
"Yes! That's it! You remember!"
"Yes! I remember!"
"Great! It's time to go back!"
"Back where?"