Saturday, May 12, 2012

for my wife on her first mother's day

a house that needs cleaning
a little boy crying
dirty dishes in the sink
these are the things that betray
the truth of the situation
the magic and the mystery
the mandate laid down before time itself

that our two lives should intertwine
that we would know love
by knowing each other
struggling with and against

at war while making peace
creating life while dying for a break
thank you for all you do
for our son
for our home
for our lives
but most of all
thank you for the fulfillment of a promise
made before time began
that we would find each other
that you would help shape the man i am
and by knowing you
i would know all that is good

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

who we are

we walk on a coalesced piece of the universe
we bathe in the light of nuclear fusion of hydrogen atoms
we are all things pulled apart
then assembled together in new ways
we are alive as asteroids, rocks, and dust are alive
we are made of the same substance
we are eternal and infinite as space itself
when the first light broke and filled the void we were there
only in a different form
when the last flame is extinguished
we will be there, in our final form
from beginning to end we have observed it all
all of our questions answered
save one